Welcome to The Egyptian Community Association in The UK

The Egyptian Community Association (ECA) is by far the biggest body in te UK which represents Egyptians, and is the only one officially recognised in the UK via the Charity commission and in Egpt via the diplomatic mision in the UK. ectives including being the first port of cll for any Egyptian in the UK for any hlp, adice or information. We aim to keep Egyptians in the K connected by creating popular -round social events and promoting cultural values via organizing concerts and lectures.

What We Do?


Provide information about everything Egytian in the UK

Connect People

Serving as a point of contact between Egyptians in the UK

Community Voice

Express and deliver the voice of Egyptians in the UK

Organize Events

Lectures, parties and other special events throughout the year

Community Support

Offer support to all Egyptians in need of advice or help


Raise fund to support the community and good causes in Egypt.

Upcoming Events


Be Part of Something Special..!

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