Who We Are ?

The Egyptian Community Association (ECA) is by far the biggest body in the UK which represents Egyptians, and is the only one officially recognised in the UK via the Charity commission and in Egypt via the diplomatic mission in the UK. The ECA has many roles and objectives including being the first port of call for any Egyptian in the UK for any help, advice or information. We aim to keep Egyptians in the UK connected by creating popular year-round social events and promoting cultural values via organizing concerts and lectures.

The  ECA was officially established in March 1984 as a result of the tireless efforts undertaken by the late Ambassador / Hassan Abu Saada; Egypt’s ambassador to the United Kingdom at that time. With the help of a number of businessmen, academics, lawyers, doctors and Egyptian from other disciplines in the UK, all necessary approvals were successfully obtained for the establishment of the first Egyptian community as a charity for the care of all Egyptians in the UK & Ireland. All official approvals were issued by the Royal Commission for charities in the UK including the association’s constitution, which governs its work and activities. These approvals were issued in May 1984.

The Egyptian community association conforms to the regulations of the charity commission, which oversees all charities in the United Kingdom. The objectives of the association are educational, cultural, and social with the primary aim to preserve the Egyptian identity and promote Egypt in the UK. Further the association does not have any political objectives and is non-political in any way.


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