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ECA main aim is to keep Egyptian community in the UK in touch and connected together and with motherland Egypt. We organise social gathering events, like dinner / music events, seaside summer trips, national / culture events celebration, education / culture seminars. Now we are adding one more activity, mind and sports games, in the hope to encourage young Egyptian to actively play a role in keeping the community a live

Ping Pong          Chess          Backgammon (محبوسة / عادة), players to decide

It is open to all Egyptian in UK, all ages, male and female, participation fee is £15.00

⅔ off for first 32 confirmed and paid registration £5.00 only

for more details or to register, please send email to

Please, specify the competition you like to join

You can participate in more than one competition

Do Not Waste The Opportunity

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Simply, a list of participant will be setup according to the following criteria

     Age     Height     First name     Last name     Date and Time of registration

Each Participant will be given a number on the list, first round draw will be as follow

Player 1 on first round list play against Player 2 on first round list

player 3 Vs player 4

And So On -,–,

31 on first round list Vs 32 on the list (assuming 32 player on first round list)

  • First Round Knock-Out Competition
  • Every two players will play 2 game, Winner will go on to second round, Winning will be decided by points awarded for each game
  • The rest of the tournament, will depending on the number of participant, the following is assuming 32 participants, other scenarios will be added
  • Second Round Knock-Out Competition
  • Second round list will be arranged according to the order of joining the list
  • First winner of first round will be No 1 on second round list, and so on, draw will be as follow
  • Player 1 on second round list play against Player 2 on second round list Player 3 Vs player 4
  • And So On -,–,
  • 15 on second round list Vs 16 on second round list
  • Third Round Quarter Final
  • Two groups will be arranged as follow
  • First winner of second round will be No 1 on third round list, and so on, draw will be as follow
  • Player 1, 2, 3 and 4 will be group A 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Player 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be group B 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Games draw will be as follow
  • Group X

    Player 1Player 2Player 3

    Player 4

    Player 1

    xGame 1 – 1Game 2 – 1

    Game 3 – 1

    Player 2

    Game 4 – 1xGame 3 – 2

    Game 2 – 2

    Player 3

    Game 5 – 1Game 6 – 1x

    Game 1 – 2

    Player 4

    Game 6 – 2Game 5 – 2Game 4 – 2


  • Game 1 –1 Player 1 on group X list Vs Player 2 on group X list &  Game 1 -2 Player 3 on group X list Vs Player 4 on group X At the same time and so on
  • Fourth Round Semi Final
  • First Game Top of group A Vs Second of group B
  • Second Game Top of group B Vs Second of group A
  • Fifth Round Final
  • Final Game 1 Winner of First Game Vs Winner of Second Game
  • Final Game 2 Loser of First Game Vs Loser of Second Game
  • Champion: Winner of Final Game 1, Will be awraded the cup
  • Runner Up: Loser of Final Game 1
  • Third Position: Winner of Final Game 2
  • Fourth Position: Loser of Final Game 2
  • Other scenarios
  • Quarter-Final groups groups will be
  • 3 players in each group, in the event of 24 Participants
  • 5 players in each group, in the event of 40 Participants
  • General rules
  • Common rules of the games will be applied, referee decision is final
  • The association rule of conduct expected to be observed and applied
  • Late arrival for games will forfeit your chance for that game
  • Participation fee is not transferable or refunded