Connect people

One of our primary goals to connect Egyptians living and working throughout the UK. With over 2000 registered members, we know more Egyptians than any other organisation. In addition we have strong links with other official Egyptian communities throughout Europe, and this enables us to link people across the continent. Furthermore we forged strong relations with communities from other nations that traditionally and historically share our Egyptian values and customs. Whether you are looking for social, cultural or business related opportunities, there is a great chance that we know the right people to help, join, or spread the word. 

Organise events

We organise events throughout the year as a way of bringing Egyptians together to celebrate, educate and yet again connect. Our events’ schedule spans the twelve months of the year and includes celebrations of the major events on the Islamic, Christian and Egyptian national calendars. We also organise concerts for major stars of the Arab world as well as for upcoming and talented performers in the various genres of music. In addition, we organise various lectures and debates over the course of the year on subjects that are currently relevant or ones of historical and cultural values. 


Community support

The ECA aims to be the first port of call for all Egyptians living in the UK looking for help or support. With our extensive links within the community and links with the Egyptian mission in the UK with its various components, we aim to help in the best way we can. We do not claim that we will be able to solve any problem and help everyone, however we would like to think we will be part of the solution.

Community voice

The ECA is made up of people, each of which has a voice, and we aim to work as the channel that delivers your voice to the wider world in matters that concerns Egyptians living and working in the UK. The ECA is a non-political organisation that speaks on behalf of Egyptians on social, economic, and cultural issues. We also provide a platform in the form of a Facebook group where Egyptians can make their voices and opinions heard. Like our Facebook page and join the group and get involved.



Another important aspect of the services we provide is to inform Egyptians about everything Egyptian in the UK. This is of course an ongoing project and is entirely dependent on the input of members. All this information led to the creation of our information hub, which includes information about food outlets, learning and teaching opportunities, government services, etc.  This effort is far from complete but once finished it will undoubtly become the number one source of information about Egyptian products and services in the UK.


The ECA is a registered charity, which makes fundraising an essential part for the continuing existence of this organisation. In addition to fundraising for the ECA itself, we also try to raise funds for special causes within Egypt or for Egyptians within the UK who are in desperate need of circumstantial financial assistance. Fundraising is of course entirely dependent on the generosity of our members and non-members alike and is subject to scrutinised assessment and approval by the board of trustees.